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Lan Luu (Ph.D.)

Lan LuuMy name is Lan Luu.  I have a Ph.D. in Language Education from the University of Auckland and I have nearly 30 years of experience in creating English language resources for teachers.  I was tenured at the University of Hanoi and was Associate Dean of the English Department and later Post-graduate Studies Department.



Aaron Skudder, NZCE (Civil), MCSE, Certified Toastmaster

Aaron SkudderMy name is Aaron Skudder.  I have a background in Engineering and Information Technology. The training that I received in technical writing, English teaching, and public speaking has given me the skills to help others with their learning.  I work at Rhema Media and I teach literacy to inmates at Mt. Eden Correctional Facility. English for Foreigners online is a joint venture with my wife, Lan Luu.

What you get with English for Foreigners

From grammar and literacy to dialogues, discussions, and debates, our ever-expanding library of student-focused content makes it easy to find materials relevant to all your students’ language needs. Our staff of writers, editors, and illustrators create and add new content every week.

The goal of English for Foreigners

We provide resources for teachers who teach English as a Foreign Language.  We also offer resources for students of English.  If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lan Luu (Ph.D.)




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Aaron Skudder


  1. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals but it is always better to learn from two veterans. I really admire you both because it’s not so often that one sees a couple that is willing to help others learn new stuff. I am really happy because I can learn more about English language from the both of you. This is really nice. Thank you so much for sharing this. Cheers!

  2. interesting to see that Aaron does not have a degree in language yet he teaches us so well than some professors would have. To me, this is really awesome to see considering the sleekness at which you teach and the ease it become for us to comprehend the things which you have taught us. wow! thumbs up to you and it feels great to finally read about you guys. I look forward to learning more from you two.

  3. This is very good because I teach English to students and it will be a very big plus for me if I can get some materials online to help me. Ido not have so much experience like any of you two but I know there is so much for me to learn here. I hope to see more of your posts. Thank you.

  4. Interesting to read about the two of you and how the site came to be in existence. Thanks for coming up with the idea of sharing all these that you have known about language with us. If there is one thing I am delighted for, it is the fact that I came in contact with learning the basics o English for communication without having to pay for it and it is because you guys have made this website possible. Thanks

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