Idioms and Proverbs – Culturally Specific Sayings in Everyday Conversation

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What are idioms? Idioms are culturally specific sayings; they convey some wise idea or principle. Idioms are an easy way to express a feeling or sum up a situation. Idioms are figurative, and the words have no literal meaning; they are a… Continue Reading


Problems with English Word Stress for Vietnamese Learners – Causes and Effects

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Problems with English word stress for Vietnamese learners Knowing a language means knowing what sounds are and what sounds are not in that language. The importance of teaching phonetics is, hence, always highlighted by language teachers and researchers. For a… Continue Reading


Pronunciation Errors made by Vietnamese Learners of English

Introduction by Aaron Skudder I am currently learning to speak the Vietnamese language.  My wife is from Hanoi, Vietnam.  Vietnamese is not a natural language to learn.  Vietnamese is a tonal language; there are six tonal variations, all changing the… Continue Reading


Learner English by Michael Swan – Book Review

Learner English

Learner English (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) by Michael Swan (Editor), Bernard Smith (Editor), Scott Thornbury (Series Editor) Introduction Learner English is a standard textbook for Cambridge English and is a ‘must-have’ for teachers of English.  Learner English will help teachers understand students’ pronunciation difficulties.… Continue Reading