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Focus on IELTS is a set of two books.  The first book is for students preparing for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. The second book is a teacher’s manual providing lesson notes, full answers, and tapescripts (The tapescript is the CD included with the books).

IELTS is an international exam.  It has four core skills:focus on ielts

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing.

Candidates for the IELTS exam will need core skills in any language.  It also tests background knowledge; for example, children would not have enough life experience to answer questions of advanced vocabulary.  Examples of the background knowledge tested are; biology, medicine, and ecology. This knowledge is tested in writing, speaking reading and listening.  These skills will prepare the student for success in academic life and the real world.

The complete set includes:

  • Student’s book
  • Class CDs
  • Teacher’s book

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

focus on ielts

Sample from the book. Click to enlarge

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an examination for university entrance admissions and English language professionals.  Focus on IELTS is a comprehensive and integrated course for students preparing for the IELTS exam.  It provides essential information and advises on the IELTS exam, including:

  • modules and tasks
  • graded exam skill development
  • exam practice tasks,
  • Evaluate end execution, providing additional language, and writing practice.

Critical and reflective learning training helps students become more analytical and therefore, more effective as learners.  Vocabulary sections build up a student’s knowledge of the Academic Word List.  Academic style sections focus on crucial aspects of academic English and develop the student’s ability to achieve a formal writing style.  The critical language bank provides a reference tool and extra practice activities to help students build their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.  The writing practice bank offers model answers and additional writing practice.   The error hit list helps students fix common errors. Extra exam practice is available with the interactive tests on the CD.

Focus on IELTS includes:

  • Exam briefing – focus on each module introducing key task types.
  • Task approach – outlines strategies for answering individual questions
  • Regular Error Hit lists based on the Longman Learner’s Corpus helps students to eliminate typical mistakes of usage.  Please click here For more information of the Longman Learner’s Corpus
  • A practice test in exam format –  This is an opportunity to work through a complete analysis at the end of the course
  • The Key Language bank – Provides extra practice in essential areas of grammar and vocabulary
  • The Writing Practice bank – provides additional practice in critical areas in grammar and vocabulary


  • Overview
  • Workout
  • Food for thought
  • Location is everything
  • haves and have-nots
  • Hurry sickness
  • Time out
  • The sound of music
  • What’s on
  • Water, water everywhere
  • Hazard warning
  • Use it or lose it
  • You live and learn
  • Bones to phones
  • The proper channels
  • Beyond gravity
  • Falling forward
  • Avoiding gridlock
  • Wish you were here
  • Face value
  • Through the lens
  • Practice test
  • Sample answer sheets
  • Key language bank
  • Writing practice bank
  • Answer keys and additional material
  • Sample report form
  • Index of language

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

The Longmans Dictionary of Contemporary English is highly recommended to accompany the course.  The Sixth Edition includes 230,000 words, phrases, and meanings.

Longman Learner’s Corpus


Students and teachers throughout the world send in essays and exam scripts to help create the Longman Learners’ Corpus. The 10-million word computerized database is made up entirely of language written by students of English. Every nationality, every language level is represented in the corpus, and this provides an unprecedented insight into learner English


You will need this book if you are serious about sitting the IELTS exam.  Teachers preparing students for the IELTS exam will also find Focus on IELTS a very useful book for their students. It is highly recommended by many experienced teachers of English for this purpose.

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Focus on IELTS coursebook


GoodReads Rating



  • essential for teachers and students preparing for the IELTS exam


  • This book is not intended for reading outside of the IELTS course

Aaron Skudder


  1. This seems like a really good resource for non-native speakers of English. Being able to write academically is a challenge for many who speak English fluently. So no doubt it would be challenging for the non-native English speaker who has to write academically in English. 

    However, the way in which this book is structured, seems like it would be one of the better resources on the market. I am curious though, apart form biology, medicine, and ecology, what other background knowledge is tested?

    • I will review the blog and add the table of contents.  This will answer your question.about:blank#blocked

  2. Awesome sounds like this IELTS program would be good for even English speakers! I have heard that English is the most widely spoken language on the planet! Also it is required for all airline pilots!

    Please would you recommend it  for my kids who are preparing for their college entrance exams?

    It sounds like something my foreign girl friend who will be arriving next month and English is not her first language! I will look into for her as she prepares for citizenship! thanks

    • Focus on IELTS is specifically for preparation for the IELTS exam.  If your girlfriend is studying IELTS then buy the book

  3. I came across this book sometimes ago, and i immediately saw how loaded and awesome this book is (I was literally blown off). I use to teach at a small college in China then, it was a good text for the level of my students. The exercises are really good too. Do I recommend this book? Absolutely yes.


  4. Thanks for this book review,excellent write-up,The material is beneficial for both the teachers and the students, I will advise the student to get a copy of this beautiful book and quickly make an order, thanks for sharing the authentic place to get the book, and the price is quite affordable, kudos for this review.

  5. Thank you so much for this book review. As a learner of English my whole life I feel that I still need to work on some of the grammar, I am always on the lookout for a good English exercise book. I will have to check this book out it would be great for me to work on my writing skills and vocabulary. Cheers!

    • Hi Nuttanee.

      The IELTS book is intended to prepare students for the IELTS exam and the academic path.  Is this what you intend to do?

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