Games in English Language Teaching – Definitions and Types


Definitions of language games Many famous linguistics researchers provide several descriptions of games. Before introducing the final interpretation of language games, we will define some ideas and concepts of games. Hadfield’s definition of Games (1998, p.4) Define language games based… Continue Reading


Learning Teaching – The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching by Jim Scrivener


Learning Teaching is part of the Teacher Development Series by Jayne moon.   Learning Teaching teaches language teachers how to prepare and has been one of the most often used and successful textbooks for training teachers.  This book was first published in 1994… Continue Reading


Pronunciation Errors made by Vietnamese Learners of English

Introduction by Aaron Skudder I am currently learning to speak the Vietnamese language.  My wife is from Hanoi, Vietnam.  Vietnamese is not a natural language to learn.  Vietnamese is a tonal language; there are six tonal variations, all changing the… Continue Reading